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How to calculate my margin?
How to calculate my margin?

Would you like to know your margin on Tolteck? Nothing could be simpler! Discover how to activate the margin feature.

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Knowing your margin is an excellent way to have a clearer vision of your activity and obtain a key financial indicator for your company 👍

Here we explain how to activate the feature in a few clicks 👇:

  • To activate margin management in a document, you simply need to click on the "Display the margins" button. Immediately, you will see in the right column your margin in your currency or in percentage. To complete or modify it, you just need to select the corresponding line and provide the associated purchase price. This way, you will effortlessly obtain the detail of your margin per category and overall:

You will notice that the editing page of your documents is evolving with this new tool: a column for the margin appears on the right side.

  • To activate the function in your materials library, click on the "filter" button and then "%" or "$ or £" below "Margins". This way, you will immediately see the "Margin" column and the details of each of your items. To modify it, go to an item and provide its purchase price:

Important: If you use Tolteck on your computer and your phone, for example, remember to activate the feature on both devices, as it works through the browser.

  • To view the overall margin of your project on the "Quotes & Invoices" page, simply hover over the "Quotes total" or "Invoices total" indication.

Our recommendations:

  • To calculate the overall margin in your document, you need to define a purchase price for all your lines. Similarly, when you are in a job, all materials and labor for the job must have a defined purchase price.

  • When you are in a document, you can click directly on the material line to modify your margin, but you can also do it in the margin column, simply by clicking on the corresponding line.

  • On mobile devices, the margin column is not initially displayed, but if you activate the feature, you can apply a margin and enter your purchase price through the document lines. If you want to see the column, you need to use a computer.

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