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This tutorial will show you how to archive and unarchive your projects

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With this feature, you'll be able to exclusively concentrate on your ongoing projects and set aside finalised projects 👍

1. To archive a project, you only have to click on the "Archive" button, on the top right corner of the project, within the "Quotes & Invoices" tab:

By doing this, the project will disappear from the "Quotes & Invoices" tab. You won't be distracted by this past project that doesn't need to be visualised any longer 👌

2. To find the documents once archived, you'll have to "Filter" them, by clicking on the "Show archived projects" within the "Quotes & Invoices" tab:

3. By clicking on that button, you'll be able to visualise all of your projects: archived and unarchived. Archived projects will show up in gray and can't be modified:

4. In order to unarchive a project and modify associated documents or for them to be visible again within the "Quotes & Invoices" tab, simply click on the "Archived" button on the top right corner:

Our recommendations:

Once you've finalised a project and received all related payments, don't forget to archive your project. Like that, only ongoing projects will be visible within the "Quotes & Invoices" tab: you'll save time in your day to day management and searches 👍

Note: archiving projects doesn't influence the stats on your home page. Even if you've archived a project, its documents need to be taken into account into your accounting and turnover.

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