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Footer or information cut in document printing
Footer or information cut in document printing

In this article, you will find the reasons why your footer gets cut off when printing and the solution to this issue.

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For your information: if the PDF is displayed correctly when you press "Send" and then "download PDF," it means that the issue comes from your printer's print settings.

Therefore, to optimize the print settings, there are recommendations:

  • Check the margin size and print format (which should be A4).

  • Make sure that the print zoom is set to "default" or 100%.
    Note: If the document still gets cut off with the zoom set at 100%, try 95% or 90%.

  • Ensure that the print margins are as small as possible to ensure that your entire document prints correctly and in its entirety.

If, after modifying these settings, the printing continues to cut off certain information, there is a way to raise the footer on Tolteck:

  • Click on your profile (where your first and last name are - top right), then on "Settings" and "Footers"

  • Click on "Edit Manually" on the right to unlock the padlock (if the padlock is already open, that's perfect).

  • Place your cursor at the end of the last line of your footer and press the Enter key on your keyboard twice to add empty lines and thus raise your footer so that it no longer gets cut off in printing.

  • In "1," we have added two line breaks using the Enter key, and in "2," the space created effectively raises the footer information.

⚠️ This technique raises your footer but also causes usable space to be lost in your document: therefore, your document might move to two pages more quickly after applying this technique.

Our recommendations:

  • To save space in your document, we strongly recommend that you check your print settings BEFORE applying the technique presented above to raise your footer.

  • If none of the techniques work, feel free to contact us by phone or at, or through our chat available in the application.

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