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Add users on your Tolteck account
Add users on your Tolteck account

How to add users with their own login credentials and own access rights?

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In order to organize in a more efficient and simple manner the people who have access to your Tolteck company's account, Tolteck will allow you to:

  • Invite users to your Tolteck account with their own email and password.

  • Define different access rights for every user.

  • Every user will be able to send quotes or invoices with their own login email.

  • Have full control and ownership of who has access to your account.

👇 These are the steps in order to add users into your account👇

1 - Go into your Tolteck account, click on your profile (top right corner) and choose the button "Users".

2 - Once you've clicked on it, you'll get to the "Users" page, where all the users who have access to your account will show up. Here, you'll be able to add new users, through the "Add an user..." button.

3 - Click on it, fill in the form with the new user's information and choose what type of access you want to grant the person on Tolteck:

You can choose among 3 type of access rights:

A. Owner of account: new user will be able to do everything allowed on Tolteck plus invite (or eliminate) new users on the account.

B. Read and modify: new user will be able to do everything allowed on Tolteck (but won't be able to invite or eliminate new users on the account).

C. Read only: new user will only be able to visualize documents and other elements of the account.

4 - Once confirmed, the added user will receive and email in order to join the Tolteck account. You'll be able to follow up invites, directly on the "Users" page

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