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Receive $$ when you refer a friend to Tolteck!
Receive $$ when you refer a friend to Tolteck!

Loving Tolteck? Share the good news! Learn how to receive a full rebate on your subscription by referring friends and colleagues to Tolteck.

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Each time you refer a friend or colleague to Tolteck, and they become an annual subscriber, not only will you receive a cash rebate to your account (worth two months of your annual subscription) your friend will receive a 2-month discount off their subscription as well! 

Ready to get started? 

Step 1: You must first be an Annual Tolteck subscriber

 To learn more about how to subscribe, check out this article.

Step 2: Open your Tolteck account and select "Sponsorship" from your account drop down menu

Your referral can easily use this referral code to receive an immediate 2-month discount off their annual subscription by applying the code under "I have a discount or referral code" in My Subscription.  (to learn more on how to apply a referral code, check out this article)

Once the referral code is applied, please allow 10 business days to see your two-month rebate applied to the card on your account. 

Still have questions? Send us a chat! 👇 We are here to help 💪

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