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How do I Verify my Email Address?
How do I Verify my Email Address?

Having trouble finding your account verification email? Read on!

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In order to confirm your Tolteck email, and ensure your account security, we ask you to  validate your email address. You can easily validate your email by clicking the link in the email sent to you when you created your Tolteck account. 

The email is sent from <> and looks like this:

What to do if you don't see your verification email

Step 1: 

Make sure you are checking the email account you used to create your Tolteck account

Step 2:

Check your SPAM folder! The email may have been sent to your SPAM. Simply open your SPAM folder, and search for "Tolteck". 

Step 3: 

If you still are unable to find your verification email, send us a chat or give us a call! We are here to help 💪

Still have questions? Send us a chat! 👇 We are here to help 💪

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