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How to Use Tolteck
Creating a quote or an invoice
Creating a quote or an invoice

Tolteck allows you to create professional and customized documents in less than 5 minutes.

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To create your quotes and invoices, there's nothing simpler. When you connect to Tolteck, you're directly taken to the homepage with a dashboard (1).

This dashboard lets you see the key elements of your company at a glance.

A) On the left, you'll find the latest modified documents: quotes and invoices.

B) On the right, a business management section with pending validation quotes and pending payment invoices, which are automatically updated as you use Tolteck.

C) At the bottom, you'll find a graph that allows you to track your company's earnings.

The core feature of Tolteck is to create a quote or an invoice (2); to do this, simply click on "Create a new quote or invoice."

Then, add a name to your project and click on "quote" or "blank invoice."

You just have to click "Confirm" to create your quote.

Once you've created your quote, click here to learn how to add items/descriptions to your document.

Our recommendations:

We recommend personalizing your quotes and invoices with Tolteck. Choose your company's colors and add your logo to match your brand. After all, the documents you create represent you! Personalize the invoices and quotes to your image. Add the logo you prefer or choose one of the provided options and easily configure the information you want to include.

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