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My Document Is Taking Up 2 Pages 😱
My Document Is Taking Up 2 Pages 😱

Discover how to save space to fit your quote or invoice onto a single page.

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Quotes and invoices are in A4 format (standard size). If your documents span two pages, it's because the content is too extensive to fit on a single page.

To save space, you can use the "Compact" density style.

This version will significantly reduce space by making the document denser, with fewer gaps, and allowing more content on a single page.

To do this, go to "Settings," then click on "Style," and finally select the "Compact" density.

Standard Version:

Compact Version:

Furthermore, to gain more space, consider the following questions:

1. Do you need to keep the project name?

When you create a project, you're asked to assign it a name. This name automatically appears on your quote. You can delete it to save space.

2. Do you need to add a project address?

The project address is an optional feature. If the project address is the same as the billing address, it's not necessary to fill it in.

3. What's the difference between material, labor, and job?

The difference lies in being able to include a description within services, which allows you to save more space than adding multiple lines of materials and labor.

Follow these steps:

a) Click on "job":

b) You only need to assign a name and a description, and then save it.

This is a job:

If your document is still too long and doesn't fit on one page, Tolteck automatically divides it into two pages for printing.

If the page break doesn't suit you, you can adjust it manually by adding a page break, as illustrated below:

Our Recommendations:

Consider creating a direct shortcut to Tolteck on your home page to turn it into a real app (all the information here).

This will allow you to log in with just one click. 👍

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