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Creating a Deposit Invoice
Creating a Deposit Invoice

The deposit invoice serves as the financial record enabling you to settle a part of the agreed-upon quotation.

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To create a deposit invoice, it's very simple, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the top right of your quote
    (we will see at the end of this article how to create a deposit invoice without going through an initial quote)

  • Click on "Actions"

  • Select "Create a Deposit Invoice"

➡️ When creating your deposit invoice, you can choose the percentage, but also the amount in net or gross: the three fields below are editable.

Automatically, your deposit invoice will be created, and you just need to send it to your client 👍

Haven't created a quote for this project but still want to make a deposit invoice? No problem, it's very simple! 👍

In our example, we have a project of $1000 without tax and $1200 with tax: our client pays us a deposit of $500 and then $700 at the end of the project.

1 - Create your deposit invoice as if you were creating a blank invoice by clicking on "Create a new quote or invoice" on your home screen.

2 - Add a line titled, for example: "received deposit," for the deposit amount, in our case $500 with tax:

3 - To finalize the project, go back to your "Quotes and Invoices" tab and click on the green "+ Create" button in the lower middle of the project containing the created deposit invoice, to create your final invoice (make sure to select "blank invoice"):

4 - Create your final invoice by adding the total project amount through one or more lines:

5 - Click on "subtract another invoice" at the bottom to deduct the deposit invoice already received in that project:

Congratulations! 👏 Now you have your final invoice with the final amount corresponding to the total quote amount ($1000 without tax) minus the received deposit ($500 with tax), resulting in a remaining amount to pay of $700:

Our recommendations:

Consider creating a direct shortcut to Tolteck on your home page to turn Tolteck into a real app (all the information here).

This will allow you to log in with just one click. 👍

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