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How to Use Tolteck
Creation or selection of material, labor, and job
Creation or selection of material, labor, and job

Build your price database with just one click and customize it according to your industry.

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To add an item to your database:

1 - Open a quote and directly enter your data into it.
When you save your document, all the lines you have entered will be automatically stored in your price database for quick reuse in the future.

2 - You can also go to the "Materials" tab in the top menu and click "Add." This way, you can input all the desired information and save it in your price database.

NOTE: Do you have your own database and want to import it to Tolteck?

We can perform that import for you (up to 250 references via an Excel file). To do this, please contact us at

Our Recommendations:

Your price database will be your guide, a fundamental tool that, integrated into your Tolteck account, will assist you in managing your business. This database will simplify the creation of your quotes, without errors and with the technical terms used in construction.

As soon as you complete your quote with a new item or product, it's directly saved in the database. Therefore, we recommend that you personalize this database as much as possible to make it unique and specialized for your business activities.

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